KINDY DRAMA for 2½ – 5 year olds. 

As you may be aware, the aim of the Academy is to give children on-going confidence, self esteem and skill in verbal communication. In Kindy Drama this is achieved through storytelling, dramatic play, speech training, creative movement, songs and lots of language activities. All of these sections are specially written and adapted for 2½ to 5 year olds and will prove to be lots of fun!

MONDAYS 1:15 – 2pm (during term time)
Cafe Dolce Vita, 103a Queensway, Petts Wood BR5 1DQ 
☕️ Click here for Cafe Dolce Vita Petts Wood who serve a lovely selection of homemade cakes, food and coffee.

A typical 45 minute Kindy lesson includes children singing a familiar ‘Hello Song’; activities to encourage children to speak with each other and their teacher; speech exercises, to develop strong projected voices with clear articulation and expression and a movement segment so little ones can discover other ways of communicating.

The main part of each lesson develops these skills further, making them into a story with music, a short ‘play’ or a series of high impact activities children can identify with. As listening skills are also important, each lesson has listening time.

The culmination of the lesson, just before the ‘Goodbye Song’ is the Special Surprise Bag which could contain anything from a hot water bottle to a carton of popcorn!.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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