Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has seen numerous young people grow up, offering support and personal development through the classes it offers.  Caroline and Jack, two long-time members of the Helen O’Grady Drama classes in Orpington, Kent, gave their views on their time and spoke about how it had affected their lives as they left to go on to further education.

Some of the main skills Helen O’Grady Drama classes build upon are those of confidence and public speaking. These are improved upon through various exercises and activities as well as regularly performing in plays. Caroline’s mum enrolled her when she was aged four because Caroline was a late speaker and lacked in confidence. Caroline said that her experience at the Drama Academy assisted her to overcome these issues. Over the years, she participated in numerous productions; as her confidence grew she was cast in major roles. She also developed her leadership skills, allowing her to support and nurture younger students at class. Caroline stated that the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy had ‘definitely’ helped her to develop as a person, and said that ‘confidence is essential whenever you face a new challenge, and clear communication will go a long way with all aspects of your life.’ Caroline is now studying Clinical Psychology at university, and intends to become a Psychoanalyst.

Jack joined the Academy when he was eight years old, and spent nine years there. For him, the Academy had a big impact on developing his social skills and his ability to communicate with new people. He said that he will use the skills learned through the Academy when he makes friends in the future, and that the fact that he stayed for 9 years was for the most part due to the friendships he made in class. His time at the Academy was partly what influenced him to move on to study Theatre Tech. He too said that Helen O’Grady Drama had helped him to develop as a person, and said that he had had a good time over the years.

We wish Caroline, Jack and all of our past students all the very best for their adult years to come.