” I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the play last weekend. You and your staff do such an amazing job and having just experienced my daughter’s leavers play the day before at school, your positive attitude and professionalism shines through.”
“My son has enjoyed his year with Nikki and he really liked performing on Saturday. Was lovely to see him so confident on stage!”
“Thank you so much for the fantastic production you put on yesterday, the kids were fantastic and it was obvious to see how much time and effort had gone into the performance. Such an enjoyable afternoon.”

“May I take this opportunity to thank you very much for teaching the drama class in such an engaging way, providing the children with a safe environment in which to learn, be creative and develop their self-confidence.”

“You did wonders with him when he was younger & I think helped to make Conrad the confident, happy, very communicative young man he is today.”
“I would like to thank you and Miranda for helping Erin blossom from a quite, shy little girl, to a young lady who now has a lot of confidence.”
“I am writing to thank you so much for the work experience placement. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with you. I particularly appreciate now the work and preparation that goes on behind the scene in organising the summer productions. The opportunity to work  back stage such as lights, sound and scene changing was really interesting and eye opening. I was also able to learn a lot about Helen O’Grady as a whole and how the business works not only in Bromley but worldwide as a franchise and a company.”
“The show was fantastic well done everybody.”
“Thanks very much for letting me come last week, it was great to see them in action- I really enjoyed it!”
 “My daughter has a slight speech problem but with your help and confidence has overcome her fears”
“I have been really happy with how my child’s confidence has improved and teachers at his school have commented on how clearly and well he speaks and how he is able to modulate his voice.”
We have 3 children who all attend your classes, they all enjoy their time with you.”
“It’s an excellent programme which has helped muy child to overcome his language impairment. He really likes it, and makes us cry when we saw him at the final play. “
Thomas has loved his time with Helen O’Grady, he couldn’t hide his beaming smile when we went in to see the performances. Thank you!”
“Tiana has loved attending the drama school and loves performing! x”
“Thank you so much for all you have done with Toby, he has changed since joining!  Drama has made such a positive impact at school!! Enjoy the break and see you in September.  “
“Dear Helen
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. 
My son has been attending since he was in reception and is now about to go into year two. He is mildly autistic and has problems with concentration, interaction with other children and following instructions. To see him play Arthur in Sword in the Stone (perfect casting by the way!) a few weeks ago brought a tear to my eye and i was delighted to see how far he has come since the early days when he struggled to follow simple routines and lines. He isn’t sporty and finds it hard to fit in so there aren’t many extra curricular activities suitable for him but he absolutely adores drama (though he might not show it!) and from what I’ve seen, it’s really helping him. 
Looking forward to more drama (of the positive kind!) in September.”
“Thank you so much for your patience with Finley I was so proud of him in The Sword In The Stone – his confidence is really growing.”
“Thank you to Helen and Miranda for all your hard work on the Youth Theatre show. I watched the Sunday evening performance and thought you had done a great job, particularly in such a short time with a huge cast.”
“I wanted to send a note to say how great the parents day was today. We were very impressed with what the children had already been taught and the running of the session. It’s a lovely group of children who clearly enjoy their weekly sessions – Ollie certainly does. Please pass on our thanks.”
“I would just like to say that today at school my son entered the talent show and sang The Wizard and I, from the musical Wicked.  The whole school are now talking about him.  I would like to say a huge thank you to his Petts Wood Upper Primary teacher.  Before coming to drama he would never have done anything like this.  He has really grown in confidence in such a short time.  Daniel really enjoys his drama on a Friday and I look forward to seeing his confidence grow even more.”
“Thank you for all your hard work on Sunday…we really enjoyed it, the pupils were fab…”
“I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and all your teachers (particularly Miranda) for giving Tabitha such a wonderful 6 years.  Her confidence has soared and she is almost unrecognisable to the meek and mild, shy little girl who started all those years ago.  She has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her time with you and has learned so much – so many skills that I know she will take forward with her over the next few years.” 
“Thank you so much for giving Louis a passion for acting and for giving him the confidence to perform in front of people, something I never thought he would do!”
“I would like to thank you for all the help and support you have given Alice over the years.  She has found the Drama classes very useful, gaining confidence and providing an activity she loves”
“My son started at the drama class at Chislehurst library on a saturday morning after a series of school assemblies in which he struggled to deliver the obligatory 2 sentences in front of the assembled parents. His eyes were downcast and his face looked as if he wished he could be anywhere else in the world other than up the front of the school hall. I have always been shy and really wanted him to have the ability to stand up in public if need be.
On Christmas eve we attended the childrens’ Christingle service at church and the vicar came up and asked my elder son if he would be willing to do one of the readings, he declined (it runs in the family) but James popped up from the pew and said 
‘I will do it’ 
With 10 mins preparation he learned the whole bible reading (full of long biblical names and the like), walked up in front of a packed church (300 is a capacity congregation ) and read out the lesson in the most beautiful clear and resonant voice, his head barely came up to the lectern but he was totally unphased by the whole thing and so excited afterwards, to say nothing of how proud Mum was!
I have no doubt that he was only able to do this because of all the training he has had from Emily, his Helen O’Grady teacher and the badges and certificates for ‘good projection’
Thank you”


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